Consumer Proximity : Channel Power

What is happening today mostly on the wired web -YouTube, Hulu,,,,, etc – will soon be on wireless, especially with catalysts like netbooks and apps like those on iPhone. It is a matter of bandwidth.

"Negroponte Switch," is a concept coined years ago by MIT Media Lab Founder Nicholas Negroponte, in which he predicted a point would come when TV and the telecommunications would switch their wireless and wired roles. Negroponte predicted that as the needs for high-speed, mobile networks increase, regulators would reallocate the limited bandwidth of the radio spectrum to wireless data services, and that TV and other media would move to cable.

View the Comcast – GE deal for Universal NBC with these “Negroponte” lenses.

To me the deal also sounds like Walmart buying into Kellogg or J&J. Not long ago was there a time when manufacturers talked about ‘cut the middle man’ and own the customer. Today, we evidenced another instance of the channel getting closer to the customer.

Is the manufacturer brand then the redundant 'middle man'?

Unless we intervene!

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